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Recruitment Options

Professional Contract Assignments
Our recruiters take you through the process offering resume suggestions, interview preparation, flexible job options, and competitive pay to place you in a great job with one of our clients. You then become a W-2 employee of Lighthouse Professional Services. Once placed, you are also eligible for our benefits package which includes health care options through the American Worker program. 

Temporary to Hire Assignments
Companies often utilize our service as a means to assess talent for direct-hire positions. These are situations where they have an immediate need, and the potential is there for a long-term relationship. This method gives you the opportunity to get your foot in the door at a great company and explore the possibility of direct hire employment.

Direct Hire Placement
First, we get to know you. We keep your qualifications in our database and update your present job search status. Should the perfect opportunity become available that fits your needs, we make you aware of the opportunity. Often these positions are not widely advertised so there is less competition. We offer career counseling, resume review, and interview preparation, all to ensure that both parties are well served by Lighthouse Professional Services.