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Ed Simpson

Senior Vice President

Ed Simpson

Ed Simpson joined the company in 2020 as Senior Vice President. 

Ed Simpson is an industry leader with 20+ years of business development and operations management experience in the staffing industry; his areas of expertise include professional services, corporate services, and on-site/outsource solutions. Throughout his career, Ed has worked in senior management and provided high-level consultative services to a variety of national firms. He excels at connecting with people, building effective teams and devising/executing strategies to foster streamlined operations and revenue growth. Ed approaches business growth, management and relationships with collegial honesty and integrity. For this reason, a variety of companies and clients rely on Ed for his eye for detail, nuanced business solutions and ability to identify and encourage staffing talent to meet their full potential.

Ed graduated from LaGuardia College and serves on the board of The New York Staffing Association.