Software Installation Technician - Personal Devices

Software Installation Technician 

Technicians will perform the following activities to as part of a larger security process to help with the remediation of devices and Phones:

  • Receive formal training from Hospital staff on specific processes and procedures
  • Receive laptops and other BYOD devices at designated working areas
  • Follow a designed scripted process to update the devices to conform with the designated security posture, typical activities include:
    • Verifying installed software
    • Verifying patches
    • Installation of required software and agents
    • Maintain of physical list or inventory application of devices remediated
    • Secure device until user collection
    • Follow predefined process for users to retrieve their mobile devices once remediation is complete


Skills Required:

The right person must have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. Showing great interpersonal skills allows this specialist to communicate with customers and solve technical-related problems quickly and efficiently:

Walking customers through the process of installing the software on their machines and starting up the program for the first time

Excellent verbal and written communication and analytical skills with high attention to detail

Make changes and customize software programs for internal needs

Being able to work independently as well as part of a team