The Perks of a Digital Recruiter

January 16, 2022

Digital recruiters are a special breed of recruitment professionals who use digital technology to help their clients find suitable people to fill positions on their books. 

Working for a Digital Recruitment Agency such as the Lighthouse Professional Services, comes with an enormous array of perks that make it exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling.

Take a look at the following:

Perk 1: You Don't Need A Formal Education

So many careers require you to have a formal qualification before you're even allowed a sniff at a job. Not so in digital recruitment. Here, you can slot into a career pretty much whenever you like, without having to go through years of formal study.

Being successful, however, isn't guaranteed. You'll need to have excellent communication skills, the ability to negotiate, the ability to work under pressure, and sound commercial awareness. 

Perk 2: You Make Decisions Based On Data

In the old days, recruiters relied on resumes and job descriptions to match people to roles. Today, though, that's all changed.

A day in the life of a digital recruiter is less about reading through posts on Indeed, and more about delving into the data and using software.

Modern digital recruiters use job aggregators, testing and assessment software, automation software that creates application shortlists, applicant tracking software, recruitment CRMs, and video interview software, to name but a few.

Perk 3: You Feel Fulfilled

Digital recruiters have a lot of responsibility. After all, their clients' careers are in their hands.

However, even though the stakes are high, so too is the satisfaction. There's nothing quite like successfully matching a candidate to a job role and then later finding out that they love the position.

Digital recruiters, however, must be careful. It is all too easy to match the wrong person to the wrong job. Decisions like that can end in problems for both the worker and the employer, damaging their reputation.

Perk 4: You Get To Meet New People All The Time

Digital recruiters aren't stuck in an office with the same people every day, year after year. Part of their role is to meet with new candidates daily to discuss their skills, options, and employment prospects.

In practice, this means that no two days are ever the same. You're continually encountering people with unique personalities and aspirations, creating new challenges and experiences.

Perk 5: You Decide On Your Workload

Digital recruiters don't follow a set working pattern. Many decide how they spend their time with minimal input from managers.

Granted, as with most jobs, you're expected to hit performance targets, but you often have ample scope to do your job in a manner of your choosing within those bounds.

Perk 6: The Pay Is Great

There aren't many jobs that pay well and have low educational barriers to entry. Digital recruitment, though, is an exception.

Digital recruiters are well-paid and make meaningful impacts on the lives of the people that they serve. They have a large amount of autonomy and opportunities to progress. What's more, for those with commission-based salaries, the harder you work, the more you earn.