Timecards & Pay

Timecards & Pay

Getting Paid

One of our highest priorities is paying you quickly.  You are responsible for promptly and accurately submitting your time at the end of your workweek. As your employer, Lighthouse deducts required federal, state, and city taxes, Social Security (FICA), and other legally required deductions (e.g., garnishments and tax levies) that have been served to Lighthouse. 

You can view your paystub by clicking here and accessing our portal.

Submitting Your Time

Lighthouse employees must record all actual hours worked, no more and no less.  If instructed not to record or report all actual hours worked, for any reason, you must immediately notify your recruiter.  Never report time for another employee.

Lighthouse customers may use a variety of timekeeping systems (e.g., paper timecards, card swipe systems, web-based systems) but most of our clients use our electronic timekeeping system, TimeWorksPlus.  Please follow the instructions for submitting your time as explained by your Lighthouse recruiter.  Ensuring that your time is approved by the customer is your responsibility.  Unapproved, inaccurate, or illegible timecards may result in the delay of your pay.

If you have a payroll-related question, please contact the payroll department at lighthouse_payroll@staffing360solutions.com.

Calculation of Overtime and Regular Rate Overtime Adjustments
Unless specifically exempted, an employee covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) must receive overtime pay for hours worked more than 40 in a workweek (or as otherwise legally required) by state-specific law at a rate not less than one and one-half times his or her regular rate of pay.

Lighthouse and its clients are not required to pay holiday or vacation pay.  If you choose to work on a holiday, enter the hours on your timecard and you will be paid at a straight time.  DO NOT enter “Holiday” or “Vacation” on your timecard.  Enter a “0” (zero) or leave it blank.

Sick Pay
Contract employees employed by Lighthouse Professional Services and physically working for clients in Massachusetts will be eligible for Paid Sick Time.  Lighthouse is in compliance with the M.G.L. c. 149, § 148C; Earned Sick Time Regulation.

Tax Withholding
If you have questions or want to make changes to your Federal and/or State withholdings please direct all inquiries to the Payroll Department, and you will be required to complete a new W-4 Form.

Direct Deposit 

With direct deposit, your pay is electronically deposited directly into your checking or savings account. To enroll, fully complete the Direct Deposit Authorization form in the onboarding portal.