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Does your company hire individuals temporarily in the following  situations?

• Consultants
• Former employees who were laid off
• Retirees
• College students
• Individuals recommended by employees or someone outside your company
• Specialists well known in the industry

Package Includes:

• Employment Agreement (clearly stating Lighthouse as the employer)
• W-4, I-9, Direct Deposit and Emergency Contact forms
• Copyright/Patent Agreements
• Sign-up forms for Benefits – BC/BS Health and Altus Dental and 401k

The Payroll Service Plan Advantages:

• Eliminate benefit and unemployment costs
• Eliminate liability and worker’s compensation insurance
• Provides simple electronic timecards, approvals, invoicing and reports
• Payment for only hours worked to control project-based costs
• Simplified termination
• Simplified On-Boarding including Background Checks, Drug Screening