Assembly Technician

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    Somersworth, United States

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    Brad McGovern

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    over 3 years ago


Direct production responsibilities may include; stacking/molding activities such as lamination inspection, mixing resins & adhesives, degassing, impregnation, stacking, coating, honing and grinding, mechanical inspections or component storage. Magnet Track assembly activities including bonding magnets to side plates, machining metal parts and completing finished assemblies and LM windings and Coil assemblies. Typical components may include bobbins, stacks, cores, transformers, coils or magnet track assemblies.


  • Proper operation of machinery and equipment used in the manufacturing process such as scales, fixtures, ovens, vacuum equipment, microscopes, height indicators, verniers, micrometers, mechanical test stations, magnetic test stations, volume measurement, thermocouples, grit blasters, coating equipment, induction heaters, hones, grinders, desiccators and specialty assembly or measurement equipment.
  • Set-up and operate machinery and equipment to include tool maintenance, machine maintenance, machining prototypes, prototype assembly, precision measurement, quality inspection and receiving inspections as required for development projects and manufacturing support.
  • Learn & implement measuring techniques for +/- .0001” and lot sampling.
  • Learn visual, mechanical and electrical inspection techniques per QC/QA requirements.
  • Learn & Implement process documentation consistent with production responsibilities.
  • Maintain time records, logs, lot travelers and production records consistent with QC/QA requirements.
  • Practice routine maintenance procedures for tools, machines, and test equipment.